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We consult and design in business along the customer journey, connecting brands with people for sustainable and profitable relationships.

Just like you, our team excels because:

  • We love challenges
  • We value partnerships and nurture our relationships from the service team to the management level
  • We don’t tell the story, we follow up with action
  • We are there for our customers
  • With us, the customer always remains number 1 and not just during the quotation phase
  • We grow with you to achieve further successes and records together

We distinguish ourselves especially through our professional knowledge, value-adding partnerships and far-reaching networks. We have our finger on the pulse!

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

We offer solutions and services in flawless execution with a focus on partnerships with our wholesalers

Trust our well-known brands and products in every industry sector

We stand for market-leading competence and in-depth expertise in the regulatory environment

With us, you will find industry-leading safety standards coupled with broad process engineering knowledge

Every branch of industry finds the right product with us, which are constantly advanced and optimized by the application of new ideas and techniques

We operate worldwide and this is the only way we can address global challenges in existing and emerging markets

Through our R&D centers, we are gaining ever-increasing expertise in the ingredients of our materials and their interaction with each other

Our balance sheet is stable and the level of debt is low. We also achieve a strong cash conversion rate through well thought-out and focused investments. We work with top tripple banks around the world.

Capital can be raised, factories can be built, but you have to win people over.

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