Due to the many fraudsters in the PPE market, we, the Rosenberg GmbH have listed on our website our official sales representatives who are spread around the globe. These also have the original certificate issued for it which can be requested directly from us via the email address: and checked for authenticity. We are proud to be able to show our customers a personal process from the beginning to the end.
Ever since the outbreak of pandemic, Rosenberg GmbH is devoting its utmost to help the people combat this WAR.

We are currently trading Rosenberg Nitrile Examination Gloves and Rosenberg Hybrid Gloves. However, more and more fraud trading companies and traders are being found to attempt to obtain the illegal profit by claiming that they are distributors, brokers, or relatives, schoolmates, friends of our company executives and even counterfeiting our Official Seal, Letter of Authorization, Sales Contracts and Escrow Agreements of Rosenberg GmbH. Hereby we would like to list the name of some of those companies and people and ask for your carefulness during this period.

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